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Camp Firefly

     Camp Firefly is a three-day, two-night overnight camp for kids between ages 7 and 14 who reside in Burlington, Camden or Gloucester County, New Jersey, and who have lost a parent, sibling or other person close to them through death.  Camp Firefly is sponsored by the Moorestown Visiting Nurses Association & Hospice. It is held at the end of August at Camp Matollionequay in Medford, New Jersey.

      Camp Firefly is really awesome because kids get to meet other kids their age who have lost someone, so they don’t feel like they are alone.  When my father died, I was only five, and for a long time I felt different and isolated from other kids my age because I was the only one I knew who didn’t have a father.  At Camp Firefly, the campers have all gone through similar experiences and share a common bond -- by interacting with the other kids, they learn how to cope and heal, and make great friends at the same time.  There are a lot of fun activities, and the camp is in a beautiful area with lots of woods and a lake. You get to bunk in a log cabin with other kids your age and really nice counselors. 

     One of the really great things about Camp Firefly is that it is free, so all kids who have lost someone close to them can attend regardless of their financial situation. The camp is fully supported by charitable contributions. Hopefully, through the sale of my Taylor's Tab bracelets, I will be able to sponsor several children to attend Camp Firefly next year.